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Healthcare Products for You
Providing Premium Consulting Services

Use our technology to expand your medical product line

Team Medical invests in solutions before you call us – for over a decade we have invested in developing healthcare products and medical technology. We have been producing and testing medical device prototypes so that exciting technology for new products can be licensed to firms like yours that produce, market, and service healthcare products.

New medical products sooner because we have already started!

Team Medical creates groundbreaking medical device technology for you.

We have decades of experience creating sophisticated healthcare devices that are used in hospitals and doctors' offices.

Team Medical accelerates getting new products into production so that your product line expands and adapts to meet your customers' healthcare needs and fulfills the goals of your business.

Aorta Flow Simulation
Use our consulting service to obtain expert engineering solutions &
expert witness insights for medical product intellectual property litigation

Product design and development service and Manufacturing process development service

We create solutions with our contract medical device product development. We can bring decades of experience to solving the problems that must be overcome when breathing life into your new product.
We can help you design healthcare products for production and we can help you get your manufacturing process and equipment designed and running.

Technology and product assessment service

Get the real story about technical feasibility and R&D by having us evaluate healthcare products and medical device technology using analysis and laboratory testing.

Expert witness services

We have helped others and can help you when you need expert testimony and engineering analysis for medical device and healthcare product patents and other intellectual property.

Past and current activities have provided expert services for healthcare product and medical device patent and other IP and business dispute legislation. Many declarations and depositions have been done.

Product testing and detailed analysis of patents and claims have been done and benefit from our medical device engineering and healthcare product development activities.


Team Medical's Approach

We identify and solve problems using mechanical, electronic, manufacturing, and software engineering.

We validate approaches using laboratory studies including carefully structured preclinical laboratory work. Our on-site in-vitro laboratories include coating labs with both laminar flow and fume hoods equipped with programmable robotics, electronics labs with automated data collection and analysis equipment including full motion microscopic video capture, and an assembly lab with prototype fabrication capabilities.
Automated Medical Device Assembly
Part of Automated Assembly System

Muscle Tissue Preclinical Hemostasis Laboratory

Technology available for licensing from Team Medical

Electrosurgery: Precisely apply energy enabled by our proprietary expertise in materials and surgical energy transfer to tissue


smooth clean incisions with little or no thermal damage,

safer very low power operation,

no smoke plume,

no eschar accumulations to clean from blades


Coating Technology: High temperature non-stick coating


applies easily,

washes off with water until cured,

no smoke plume,

bonds tenaciously after curing,

hard and durable.

Cardiology: Real time noninvasive cardiac function measurements.


Team Medical provides the following consulting services:


Product Design and Manufacturing Startup:

Use our outstanding analytical skills with our carefully structured tests to solve your tough medical device design and engineering problems and get new healthcare products designed and into production.

Technology and Product Assessment:

Get the real story about medical device technical feasibility and R&D by having us evaluate healthcare products and medical device technology using analysis and laboratory testing.

Expert Services:

We have helped others and can help you when you need expert testimony and engineering analysis for medical devices and healthcare products.


Contact us to find out how our engineering and business experience can help you.

Call now for a free consultation. We love solving problems and a telephone call may be all that you need.

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Team Medical is managed by Warren P. Heim, P.E., inventor on over 30 issued U.S. patents, successful entrepreneur with over 30 years of medical device experience, who has provided consulting services to many firms, including Abbott Laboratories, C.R. Bard, Baxter, Edwards Life Sciences, Linvatec (division of Conmed), Medtronic, St. Jude Medical, Johnson & Johnson, Smith+Nephew, Valleylab (Covidien)-Medtronic. Liberal arts and engineering degrees from Dartmouth College in 1973, 1974, 1975
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